Lightopia at Vitra Museum

A major exhibition opened recently at Vitra Museum and it will be running till mid February on a medium which has transformed our cities like no other: Light.

It is the first comprehensive showcase on the topic of lighting design, featuring examples from the realms of art, design, architecture and many other disciplines, including more than 300 works for various artists like László Moholy-Nagy, Olafur Eliasson, Chris Fraser, Front Design, Daan Roosegaarde, Joris Laarman, realities:united and mischer’traxler.

Among the exhibits are many interactive and walk-in installations that give visitors a direct experience of the archaic power of light.  A  true panorama of lighting design – from the beginnings of industrial society to the visions that will define our future – emerges from the dialogue between the works displayed in “Lightopia”. The historical review of lighting design also places a sharper focus on the radical changes occurring today.

Find out all the details at Vitra.



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