BEFORELIGHT is a Greek-based creative group that carries out artistic experiments with the use of light.

The team members use expertise from architectural and stage lighting design, while BEFORELIGHT group creates light installations and light art happenings in order to present the dynamic nature of light.

BEFORELIGHT have installed their work in open public spaces of cities like Thessaloniki, Volos, Rotterdam and Chania. Additionally, they have presented their work in art exhibitions, such as the Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival-Street Cinema, the Video Art Festival in Athens, as well as the Theocharakis Foundation, the Benaki Museum’s Café, the Museumnacht in Rotterdam and the foyer of the Acropolis Museum.

BEFORELIGHT conceptualizes, designs and applies light art and design, in an effort to encourage public collective experience with natural or artificial light. They follow a process which takes site specificity into account, along with the innovative use of old and new lighting devices.

BEFORELIGHT members are: Eliza Alexandropoulou, Dimitra Aloutzanidou, Cristina Ampatzidou, Konstantina Evangelou, Kelly Efraimidou, Dimitris Theocharoudis, Maria Lazaridou, Vasileios Ntovros and Eirini Steirou.



The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia is a cutting edge education and research centre dedicated to the development of an architecture capable of meeting the worldwide challenges in the construction of habitability in the early 21st century. Based in the 22@ district of Barcelona, one of the world’s capitals of architecture and urbanism, IAAC is a platform for the exchange of knowledge with faculty, experts and students from over 35 different countries around the world.
IAAC’s work is focused on multiple scales (city, building,components) and in different areas of expertise (ecology, energy, digital manufacturing, new technologies). IAAC organizes a Master in Advanced Architecture course in conjunction with the UPC Polytechnic University and it also offers academic and research programs in Valldaura Campus, a research center for self-sufficient habitats located on an historic 130 hectare farm in the Collserola Natural Park in Barcelona metropolitan area.

IAAC has the most advanced digital production laboratory (Fab Lab BCN) of any educational institution in southern Europe, with CNC equipment and a platform for manufacturing chips. The Fab Labs are laboratories of personal digital fabrication in which it is possible to make almost anything, from a computer measuring 1 cm by 1 cm to an intelligent house.
IAAC has carried out research projects internationally such as in Brazil, Taiwan, Croatia and India among others and developed several pilot projects using the means of latest technology, the knowledge of diverse disciplines and the expertise of the industry.




Stichting SoAP has extensive experience in producing large scale artistic projects and concentrate their activities in the common ground of art and the social sector. SoAP is already starting a 3 year cultural participation project on the rooftops of the city of Maastricht with neighbors, amateur artists, professional artists and welfare staff to improve the quality of life with art. Their project involves partners from welfare organisations as well as professionals from the creative sector and aim at the widespread use of Community Art and the establishment of a yearly festival.

Artists and theatre makers often have promising ideas but lack the business or production understanding. SoAP gladly takes up this role, allowing the creator to independently develop his vision, providing support in the areas of: (pre) production, subsidies, technology, rehearsal and play areas, network, content and business meetings.

SoAP primarily focuses on the Dutch and Belgian Limburg regions, but is also active abroad. The foundation plays a leading national role in terms of cultural entrepreneurship and community art. SoAP seeks collaborations with educational institutions and promotes research on the relation between art and economy, architecture and new methods of developing Community Arts.