Lighting Masterplan for Athens

The Unification of the Archaeological Sites of Athens S.A. (EAXA) is a company aiming at the implementation of a program for the unification of the archaeological sites of Athens, based on a plan that includes physical projects and other interventions

Among other tasks that EAXA has undertaken, was the design of general illumination in the project areas, which was assigned to to French specialist Roger Narboni, who produced a master plan for lighting along the axis and on the focal points of the overall project, in order to achieve long-term planning of lighting and of the impressions that lighting generates in those well-configured spaces.

The well known lighting designer has been the artistic co-director of the Fête des Lumières in Lyon and since 2003 he has been serving as international expert with the LUCI association, the world network of cities of light. Roger Narboni has also designed the lighting of the Rio – Antirion bridge.

You can read all about the proposed lighting masterplan in EAXA’s webpage.

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