Color ex Machina

While in Wyckerpoort we worked together with the neighborhood inhabitants to decide upon the color compositions for the staircase windows through a workshop, in the area of Mariaberg we decided to create an experience that would engage the neighborhood in a playful intervention.

With the church in Fatimaplein being completely dark at night, we wanted to direct the focus to this old social and architectural landmark.

Color ex Machina is an installation of 9 custom made spot lights, pointing at the church. They are small ‘color machines’ can be controlled by the public. People can decide where they want to turn them and what color they should project.

We had a full scale event on the 18th of July, with a lot of people joining and trying out the ‘red boxes’!  The collaboration or the competition among the people who use it creates different lighting conditions, from completely monochromatic to disco like effects of changing colors and constant movement.


urban lightscapes - color ex machina

urban lightscapes - color ex machina2

urban lightscapes - color ex machina3

urban lightscapes - color ex machina4


Many thanks to Edward van Kempen for the photos of the evening!

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