25 minutes of protest in Smoke

Amidst the public protests for corruption scandals in Spain during January 2013, Luzinterruptus decided to protest in their own original way!  The action was very simple, they just used a few completely harmless, small, homemade smoke bombs that were placed under 9 powerful lampposts, in order to totally obscure the most illuminated street in the area, under a dense cloud of smoke. To improve the scene being staged, the smoke managed to activate all the fire alarms on Gran Via which rang for a long time, contributing significantly to the general malaise that reigned on the streets at that time.


SMOKE 8454957694_873b78a1cd_b

SMOKE 8455001222_d53f39ccbf_b



We are find the work of Luzinterruptus really inspiring, so we have previously published more of our favorite projects, such as their Public Toilets, the Nocturnal Peperonata and the Rights to Tramble on!

Also don’t forget to check their website for more of their great work!

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