Powerplants by Realities:United

Some time ago we published another great project by German artists Realities:United.

Powerplants is another work we find very inspiring. Powerplants are kinetic light sculptures, designed as a catalyst for and symbol of the transformation of a post-industrial urban development area for the city of Pasadena in California.

They were developed for the site of a former power plant in Pasadena, which is being redeveloped as a new expansion for the Pasadena Arts Center, as well as for a planned development park consisting of high-tech businesses and offices. This transformation was in need of an artistic strategy to visually accompany and support the ongoing urban (re-)development over the years to come.

Their lights are a new breed of Powerplants, with slender stalks reaching about 55 feet into the sky, the same height as the famed palm trees of Southern California. Each topped by a cylindrical light tube, they emit soft and pulsating light signals powered by solar energy stored during the day. They only built one full scale prototype but the Powerplants can work equally well in small groups, creating a beautiful nocturnal light field!

Check more information and  a short video on the Realities:United website.

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realities united - kinetic lights prototype

realities united - kinetic lights


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