Artificial constellations over Linz



The team from the Ars Electronica Futurelab have created temporary constellations in the night sky over Linz in Austria, as part of the ARS Electronica 2013 festival.

An amazing work inspired by the research on unmanned aerial vehicles by the ETH-Zürich, the University of Pennsylvania’s GRASPlab and the MIT-Medialab and the use of the Hummingbird quadrocopter by Ascending Technologies. The small electric helicopters, weigh less than 2kg. They have an on-board GPS module, with which they can autonomously find and hold their position.

Under the direction of Florian Berger, the crew developed a system capable of realistically coordinating the flight behavior of 50 of these quadrocopters including correcting for any position determination errors attributable to the GPS.



Read all the details about this project coming to life at the Ars Electronica website


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